The growth of Indian economy is tipped to remain of 5 to 7% over next 2 to 3 years. There is a huge focus of the Govt of India to create requisite infrastructure for the industry, commercial corridors, road and rail networks etc.

The industrial growth will require proportional increase in development of trained manpower in security sectors. The Industrial and infrastructure development in the country is going to open up new job opportunities in various sectors. It is also important to realize the fact that industrial growth brings its own set of challenges for the society and prevailing security environment. Movement and transition of people from smaller places to growth centers result in flux of large amount of floating population. It has been historically seen that floating population poses law and order challenges and rise in criminal activity in the growth centers.

This necessitates the law and order enforcing agencies to secure the industrial establishments, complexes and housing society from hazardous and criminal activities by creating additional resources in security sector. It is envisaged that the security requirement in the society is going to grow exponentially over next few years. Govt law and order enforcing agencies are unable to fill the gap between the security needs and available capacity of the resources. Hence it is imperative to raise additional civil security network to fill this void. Keeping these security challenges in view, Govt has regulated the functioning of Private Security Agencies through PSAR Act. All security agencies operating in security sector need PSARA License as per the act.

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