Psara License Security has established credible consultancy services to obtain PSARA license by new Private Agencies who are desirous of taking PSARA License to commence new business for providing Security Services to industry.

All security agencies in the country are regulated by PSARA Act 2005 of Govt of India. Each state has to formulate their PSARA Guideline based on the central Act. Consequently most of the states have formulated their guideline for opening new Private security agency and training center to provide the security training to person seeking employment in security sector. This license is granted by Police Authorities at district level (for one district or for five districts) or at state level.

PSARA LICENSE SECURITY has mapped the PSARA License guideline and PSARA license Application forms of all the states.

NOW people planning to start new security Agency need not go to any other place to search the guideline and Application form. These Application forms are now available on PSARA LICENSE SECURITY website.  under one roof. PSARA LICENSE SECURITY has made it possible for new start ups to obtain all the information on the security sector at its website. New start ups desirous of obtaining PSARA License may approach PSARA LICENSE SECURITY directly or through its website to know more details about PSARA License services and may also seek online assistance for our services.

PSA (Private security Agency) can be established  as a any kind of company or a firm depending upon the model of their business organization which depends upon various factors like Scale, finance, Liabilities, Control, etc.

They can be one of the following entities:-

a)    Sole proprietorship

b)    Partnership Firm / LLP

c)    LLP

d)    Pvt. Ltd.  Or Ltd. Company

e)    NGO

After constituting a company, Parties can proceed to obtain the license under PSARA for which they need to refer PSARA 2005, with the rules laid by their respective state in the province of which business operation is to be conducted. The application for PSARA License has to be made to the Controlling Authority (C.A) of respective state. Controlling Authority (C.A) may be a designated department in Police or Home ministry of the state. Some of the state’s C.A is Secretary Home Department or ADG (Law and Order) or DG Police or may be DG Home Guards.

PSARA License is a complicated process because of safety and security aspects related to it. PSAs (Private Security Agencies) are an extended arm of the Law and Order machinery of the state and are in other way civil defence body of the state. Hence, Large number of mandatory compliances / registrations are required for obtaining the license.

Requirements for Registration

Every Entity/Company/Agency must have following registrations/documents for registrations:

a)    Company PAN

b)    GST

c)    ESI and EPF

e)    Registration as a company under Shops & Establishment Act

f)    Labour license under

g)    MSME/SME Registrations (Registration with DIC mandatory to obtain MSEM/SME benefits)

h)  Obtaining PSARA License is a complicated process. It requires large number of mandatory documents to establish credentials of the security services provider. Some critical requirements are listed below:

Other Critical Compliance requirements

a) Affidavit as per 7 (2) PASARA, 2005 pertaining to FDI Policy compliance

b) Certificate of Security Training from a recognized body like SKSDC, DGR, etc or a discharge certificate from Army/Air force/Navy/Parliamentary Police of either of the applicant.

c) Proof of ownership of principal place of business as mentioned in the application form (should be a commercial location)

d) Preparation of LOGO of the Security Agency (the logo must clearly show the Name of the Applicant Agency ‘AA’) — Copy of which is to be attached

e) Preparation of Identity Card for the employees of the AA (must conform with the prescribed format) — Sample Copy is to be attached

f) Tie ups with the institutes recognized by the Controlling Authority to impart training to the Supervisors and Security guards of the AA. — Copy of MOU is to be attached

g) Tie ups with Hospitals for conducting annual medical Examination of the employees — Copy of MOU is to be attached

h) Details of all the employees of the AA prepared in the prescribed format.

i) Details of Arm Licenses already in possession of the proprietor/ partners/Director/trustees/employees.

j) Character verification  of the employee certifying that no criminal record — as per Form III

k) Training Certificate of all the Security Guards and Supervisors confirming that they have undergone the prescribed training from a recognized training institute — as per Form IV

l) Pattern of uniform including cap & badges for the staff of the AA (pattern must be different from those used by defence, paramilitary or police personnel) — 4 postcard size photographs showing all 4 sides of the uniform to be submitted

Note: *all Documents except the affidavit are to be duly attested by public notary

*Affidavit to be duly attested by an Executive Magistrate

After when one is ready with the above pre-requisites then he/she is all set to duly fill up the application for granting license under PSARA.

Govt Fee for PSARA License:

Fee for If Application is applied for 1 District INR 5,000/-
Fee for If Application is applied for 2 to 5 District INR 10,000/-
Fee for If Application is applied for entire District INR 25,000/-


PSAs have to conform to labour Act/Laws. Each PSA is required to maintain certain mandatory documents as under:-

  1. Form-XIX Wages Slip
  2. Form-XX Register of Deductions
  3. Form-XXI Register of Fines
  4. Form-XXII Register of Advances
  5. Form-XIV Employment Card
  6. Form-XXIII Register of Overtime
  7. Form-XVI Muster Roll